Bosch Delegate Mics | Bosch Conference System

Translator India, a leading service provider for all your interpretation and translation needs. We are entrusted by over more than 5000+ clients for providing them with the best quality simultaneous interpretation services and other such solution for their larger and smaller gatherings. We believe in providing you the best along with the least price guarantee in the market.

Translator India brings you its new product BOSCH DELEGATE MICS (DCN) which cater to a wide range of applications ranging from conventions, board meetings, hotel to state houses. These delegate mics carry the name tag of BOSCH along with the best service quality of Translator India, and together it is just the perfect solution for your any such meetings or gatherings.

Bosch Delegate Mics (DCN)

These user-friendly delegate mics are designed especially for such places where the hall area is too large or they have poor acoustics or the speaker’s voice isn’t audible to the delegates. These discussion systems are designed for all such places where the speakers are unclear or not loud enough to be heard by the audiences.

Our provided Digital system is easy to install and use and also, they comply with the best IEC industry standards with the excellent sound quality. It comes up with some special features like chairperson overriding facility, strong management software, and the touch screen function.

Each of the central units supports 70+ discussion units and further, the discussion system can be increased up to 200 discussion units through a single cable daisy inter-connection. Translator India provides the cordless UHF frequency based conference microphones systems. These delegate mics are easy to operate and requires no messy cables. Since they are cordless, these microphones can be shared by the other people present there in the hall also. The added advantage is that the system can be used through 32 independent channels and each microphone have a separate transmitting frequency to the receivers.

We are the leading provider of Bosch simultaneous interpretation equipment and systems. Call us to know more about delegate mics on rent and Bosch simultaneous interpretation system price.