Bosch Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Translator India, a leading service provider of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment and services brings you a new and highly specialized product in the category of Simultaneous Interpretation System. BOSCH INTEGRUS – Language Distribution System, is the ultimate quality designed and developed by BOSCH International for providing the best quality and ultimate comfort in language distribution. It is an ideal interpretation equipment to be used in any kind of multilingual events or conferences wherever Simultaneous Interpretation is required.

The Bosch Integrus language distribution system is fully digital and works with infrared frequency for language distribution. It is specially designed for multilingual meets or conferences to provide the delegates with the best quality of understanding while listening to the interpreted speech.

How Does Bosch IR Interpretation System Works?

The speaker starts conveying his speech or his presentation over the microphone and the interpreters sitting in the simultaneous interpretation booth listen carefully to whatever is being said and interpret it in the required language of the audiences. Delegates are provided with the BOSCH pocket receiver and a quality headphone with their channel number assigned to their preferred language. The interpreted speech is transmitted to the receiver and headphones through the IR frequency waves. The added advantage of this Bosch IR Interpretation system is that the audiences have the freedom to move while listening to the interpreted speech since it is an IR system, they can follow proceedings while being anywhere present inside the event hall.

Technical Specifications of Bosch IR Interpretation System

  • Advanced Digital Technology
  • Superior quality listening experience
  • Secured IR distribution
  • Multiple channel selection of up to 32 channels
  • Beautiful and ergonomic pocket receiver design
  • No disturbance from lightning
  • Seamless integration with Bosch’s DCN conference system
  • Highly flexible

Because of its added advantages and a secured and error free interpretation process, the Bosch infrared interpretation system is becoming the first choice of event organizers. Everyone wants to enjoy the freedom of movement and the Integrus system allows your delegates to enjoy the event without any kind of boredom of sitting at a place continuously for hours.

We at Translator India, are entrusted by over more than 1000+ clients for providing them a successful simultaneous Interpretation process for their multilingual meets and gatherings. We have the best quality interpretation equipment and highly skilled and professional team of event organizers who are always willing to take up the whole sole responsibility of successfully organizing and completing your events.

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