Cabin Interpretation Services

Cabin Interpretation Services

Cabin interpretation also better known as simultaneous Interpretation requires the highest level of expertise from the interpreters and the best technology in Simultaneous Interpretation Systems. 

As the name suggests, this includes a cabin also known as Interpretation booth - which is a soundproof cabin for accommodating the Interpreters. The interpreters sitting in the soundproof booth - listen to the floor speaker/ stage audio through the headphones and then translate into another language at the same time / real-time 

Translator India provides the complete Interpretation Systems on Rent in India which includes

  • Interpreter Cabin/ Booths – ISO standard soundproof booth with ventilation and AC duct and proper work station. They are easy to carry, minimum set up requirements, and fast speed dismantle.
  • BOSCH Integrus Interpretation Systems – which includes 
  • Interpreter consoles with Mike and Auto relay facility
  • IR based transmitters for multichannel transmission
  • CCU 
  • Radiators
  • IR Receivers with headphones

Complete set up , onsite technical support and tear down

Along with Technical set up, Translator India has access to a pool of highly trained and professional Simultaneous Interpreters. These interpreters are experts in their field and have experience in high stakes international meetings like including BRICS, Head of states, UN and WHO level, Global Investment summit, and climate change and economic forums.

Translator India can provide Simultaneous Interpreters in all the UN-designated languages - French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Portuguese as well as Chinese, German, and Indian Languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi, Kannada and more.

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