Voting Pad in Chandigarh

Voting Pad in Chandigarh

Voting has been an important part of our lives since ages and it's quite a common activity for offices. Traditional response gathering in meetings/ conferences would be done by showing hands, paper, or through voice. Further, there was a long and boring process to cast the votes and also it took a lot of time to derive the final results. All these processes were cumbersome to record and evaluate and sharing of the instant LIVE results was NOT an option. 

In today's meetings and conferences (especially for Doctors and in Medical workshops), event organizers prefer using Wireless Voting pads to enhance the user experience and increase the interactivity/entertainment during the conferences and workshops. If you also have such requirements to be accomplished, then, you just have arrived at the right place. Translation India is a well-established company in Delhi that offers finest-quality Voting Pads in Chandigarh at best prices.

Why Choose Our Voting Pads

VOTING PADS from Translation India are compact and have easy to use remote keypads with an alphabetical and numerical option on their keypad. The speaker can ask his question and the audiences can quickly cast their votes according to their choice by pressing the corresponding button on their voting pads. We provide robust Voting Pads on Rent in Chandigarh, so that you can fulfil such requirements with ease and in a cost-efficient manner. 

Components of Voting Pads

The Voting pads from Translation India are an incredible combination of hardware and software parts which includes the following components. 

  • Wireless Keypads 
  • MASTER Key Pad : Presenter Device
  • ARS (assessment software) enabled for operating through laptop and computers
  • USB receivers connected to the laptop and works wireless connection with voting pads to capture the user choice.
  • Video Switcher (to be arranged by client) to ensure seamless switching between the client laptops and ARS laptop while the voting session is on

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Translation India will provide an onsite expert to help the conference organizer to run the Voting Sessions.


How Voting Pads Actually Works

STEP 1: Questions/ Quiz for the voting sessions are loaded on the ARS software and testing is done to ensure that configuration is complete and successful.

STEP 2: The On-site tech expert coordinates with the sessions presenter and AV console team to ensure seamless switching between the presenter laptop and our laptop.

STEP 3: Voting pads are distributed to the participants, also the instructions for properly using the voting pad is explained to all.

STEP 4: The presenter prompts the audience to undertake the poling as per his scheme/presentation. Participants respond by pressing the choice on their respective keypads. 

STEP 5: On completion of each question – LIVE/ INSTANT RESULTS in the form of percentages and graphs can be projected for the audience and the moderator can take it up for further interactions.

STEP 6: Audience feedback for all the sessions can be captured on excel sheet/ bar charts for post-conference analysis and evaluation to assess in-depth understanding of the audience feedback.

Various Applications of Voting Pads

  • Medical Workshops and conference
  • Quiz & Test
  • Surveys
  • Voting Sessions.
  • Corporate training
  • Student Examination
  • Buzz-In
  • Marketing Events

We at Translation India, are the expert in providing you with the best quality voting Pads for your voting and survey sessions. It is simple and easy to operate with its plug and play capability so that allows you for a completely hassle-free process. We provide the option of both Buy and Rent the Audience Response system in Chandigarh. These are truly cost-effective alternatives, as we provide them for your events with the best price guarantee in the industry. Translation India is having more than 1000 pieces of voting pads, Master designed with sleek and user-friendly buttons to press while casting votes.

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