Simultaneous Interpreter in

Simultaneous Interpreter in

A successful Multilingual conference interpretation needs to have two important aspects - SI systems (technology) and Simultaneous Interpreter (human interface). While most service providers can manage only the technological part through SI systems, TRANSLATION INDIA, a Delhi based company, ensures success by providing professional interpreters who have incredible expertise in Simultaneous Interpretation. If you need to hire Simultaneous Interpreters in , we have the best team of such experts with us. 

Simultaneous interpreting is that type of interpreting in which the speaker makes a speech and the interpreter translates the speech into the respective language(s) to make the audience understand that speech at the same time. We have the most reputed team of Simultaneous interpreters in , and our professionals have expertise in usually two or more languages along with English. They can work in interpretation booths as well in a professional environment with headphones and interpreter consoles.

Significant Traits for Good Simultaneous Interpreters

Generally, the interpretation process requires at least TWO Simultaneous Interpreters and in some cases like WHO and UN forums, three for each language. The significant traits for Good Simultaneous Interpreters can be enlisted as follows.

  • Ability to listen, analyze information/message and communicate the same information in a different language – ALL AT THE SAME TIME. 
  • Intellectual capability to quickly grasp and understand the subject/intent of discussion. 
  • Impeccable memory, especially short term memory.
  • Ability to Predict/Anticipate what the speaker might say – this trait becomes the most important when the speaker/ spoken language has a different structure from the interpreted language.
  • Putting cultural relevance in the interpreted language. For example, Indians are comfortable in crores and lakhs, while most of the western countries prefer to use millions and trillions. 
  • Pressure handling ability. Being a professional it is essential to remain calm under pressure and be resilient to stress.
  • Well-read, travelled and exposed to different cultures and people with decent General Knowledge.

Robust and Clear Simultaneous Interpretation

Translation India has a dedicated pool of trained and highly experienced Simultaneous Interpreter to hire in for various Languages. These professional interpreters have experience of more than 10 years and are experts in their corresponding language pair. We have interpreters for the UN-designated Languages as well as another international language as well as Indian languages

Conference organizers and Clients must identify their Interpretation requirements well in advance. While equipment can still be sourced from multiple vendors; availability of Good, Experienced Simultaneous Interpreters at short notice can be a big challenge. Thus, we recommend hiring simultaneous interpreters well in advance. All relevant data and documents, glossary, Agenda that may help the interpreter, should be given to them to handle the live simultaneous interpretation work robustly while avoiding glitches/integrity of the exercise.

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