Voting Pads on Hire

There was a time when people use to cast their votes to candidate of their choice or to their favorite topic of discussion on paper and it used to take lot of time to declare the results after manual counting of votes.

The results always used to be uncertain, because of possibility of human error during counting. When it comes to manual handling of the same, there are many people involved in this work and error ratio is much higher.

Today, there are many companies, which provide voting pads or audience response system for purely two reasons. One is it gives result while we are voting so you can see the increase graph because it works with a simple voting device operated on software-based program.

The voting pads come with press buttons indicating A B C D E F 6 option or 1 2 3 4 5 6 depending on different available brands. On the other side the voting options is displayed on a LCD screen and people can cast their vote by simply pressing the buttons of the voting pad and the results are displayed instantly within the seconds.

Translator India provides Audience Response System that can be used in many occasions like classroom, International conferences, lectures etc. Translator India owns more than 1000 pieces of voting pads. Master designed with sleek and user-friendly buttons to press while casting votes.

The process of operating these devices is based on its own designed computer based software that operates on windows operating system to perform complete error free results .

The system comes with 6 options can be configured with simple option of A to F or on the numeric 1 to 6. At the same time. With the use of our audience response system, audience response can be collected instantly and it can also enhance interactivity with participants in conferences. Besides, our system is also an electronic voting system which can be used in corporate presentation, training and conference.

Design Features:

  • Stylish design of audience keypad with LCD Display
  • Reliable Radio Frequency technology which gives stable connectivity and better reception
  • Support up to 999 users at the same time with 360 degree angle

Types of Questions:

  • Single Selection
  • Numeric Selection
  • Multiple Selection
  • Buzz In
  • Yes or No
  • True or False
  • Rating Scale
  • Elimination
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