IR Interpretation System | Bosch Simultaneous Interpretation System

Bosch SI system is in high demand as it is crafted in such a way that it can be used for interpreting the languages in conference, seminar, training, sales meetings and site-tours or officials meeting on an international agenda, where the Major concern is multiple languages listener and speaker.

When it comes to reliability and the trust of interpretation conferencing system, the BOSCH IR simultaneous interpretation system is rugged and reliable for many years.

We have about 1000 receivers with 32 languages facility of IR based technology. The IR based technology is completely secured from unauthorized listeners of an important discussion of the meeting. We provides simultaneous interpretation equipment rental at fair price.

The signal range is compatible with other available technology and purposely designed to keep free from unauthorized listeners, complete protected and secured from any unauthorized Listeners. Our interpreters, placed in the sound reduction booths, listen to the speech and simultaneously interpret the same in to their native language and each booth’s signal is send to the appropriate transmitter and is received by participants using individual receivers and headsets.

The systems we use are wireless and hassle free. This will help the client to design the hall without any restrictions.

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