Language Interpretation Services | Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental

Interpretation services have gained prominence in today’s multi-lingual, cross-cultural global society. Considering this as a prime requirement, we hold proficiency in offering Language Interpretation Services practically in any language and for all industry types.

Translator India  was founded more than 16 years ago on a simple principle of offering each client the best service possible and delivering the best language interpretation services in every situation. The company is one of the top Language Interpretation Services Company in India for all language pairs of your choice.

Translator India understands the value of contribution from an interpreter for a business; hence we have carefully selected more than 1400 native translators, proof-readers, editors and technical experts to serve you better with our language Interpreting Service and simultaneous translation equipment.

Our high end services, not only offer interpretation from one language to another, but also create a zone of comfort between the two parties in spite of their diverse languages and cultures. Our team of professional interpreters is able to develop a cultural bond between two natives coming from entirely different backgrounds.

Our Language Interpretation Services Include:

  • Simultaneous and/or consecutive interpreters for Conferences/meetings
  • Personal interpreters for executives
  • Interpreters for factory tours
  • Interpreters for tourists
  • Interpreters for machine installation
  • Interpreters for legal matters
  • Interpreters for business meetings
  • Interpreters for telephone conversations

We have the capacity to provide both consecutive and simultaneous Interpreters for almost every language spoken in the world. We also provide Interpreters for meeting personal requirements. We also provide interpreters for technical requirements such as machine installation.

Our team of Interpreters mainly includes native interpreters or university professors with rich experience of more than 20 years in teaching the language. Their command on the language, quick response, professionalism and sense of presenting meetings are key initiators for huge success in your dealings or meetings.

High proficiency in linguistics and skills of interpretation of the given language along with unmatched technical knowledge in every domain ranging from Financial, Medical, Law, Marketing and advertising, Technical, IT, Telecommunications to Business, is itself the proof of quality of our services.

We offer you with the best and apt interpreters incorporated with dedicated equipment handled by well qualified technicians. Our service is directed to meet your business goal by offering outstanding as well as cost-effective simultaneous interpretation equipment rental and language interpretation services in most languages and various domains.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental

Translator India provides Professional and highly experienced simultaneous interpreters and state of the art equipment to ensure every message is delivered exactly as intended. Our expertise includes:

  • Project Management:- Our On site Project managers and their Team work closely with you and your technical team on location to ensure seamless and effective delivery of services during the event. In fact meticulous planing and the will to go that EXTRA MILE helps us to manage any last minute changes and request.
  • State of the art technology:- Translator India is continuously investing and upgrading their present inventory of equipment to ensure better and higher quality of services . Whether you prefer RF or IR, Translator India is equipped to deliver clear sound to all portable receivers irrespective of the number of languages or halls in use.
  • Professional Interpretation:- Our Panel of Simultaneous Interpreters take that extra effort to do research, study and understand the domain, undertake offline discussion with clients to understand nuances of the meeting/ conference and ensure a professional approach to the complete assignment.
  • Multi-location Advantage:- Translator India has well equipped facilities across the country which helps our Customer with maximum flexibility to manage logistics and movements of equipment . Clients Benefit from timely execution and economies of scale.
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