MP3 Audio Guide System

Make your tours enjoyable and entertaining with Translator India’s MP3 Audio Guide System. No more need to follow the same old and boring tradition for your tours. Our MP3 Audio guide System allows you for an exciting and wonderful fun during your trip.

Translator India introduces its new product 2.8 Inch MP3 Audio Guide System which is considered as a boon for the tourism industry. It assures you for a hassle-free and entertaining trip while your visit to any places. The added advantage is that you don’t need any human guide for your tours. All that you need to do is to feed your files or data in our 2.8 Inch MP3 Audio Guide System and then enjoy your tour the way you want. Our device will help you get all the briefed information about the places wherever you are going with all its history and its importance.

The information shared is totally authentic and based on the research studies and other relevant academic information about that particular place or monument. We at Translator India, always try to provide you with the best and the latest and advanced technology in the market.

The MP3 Audio Guide system is designed sophisticatedly with a compact size display screen and a standard size keyboard with the options of play/pause, volume control, battery power display, menu bar, Map, Language and all the other options you will need for your tours.

It is easy to operate and use, adding the files or removing the files from the MP3 audio guide system is a piece of cake. You need only a USB cable to connect your device with the computer and then you can add whatever data you want to feed and accordingly remove them after your visits. The files provided by us are just for the sample test and you can delete it once you test your device.
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