Bosch Simultaneous Interpretation in Pune

Bosch Simultaneous Interpretation in Pune

The BOSCH Interpretation Equipment is a mix of infra-red audio systems that are majorly used for simultaneous interpretations during conference interpreting. The BOSCH Interpreting Equipment is of great importance since they support many languages and audio channels simultaneously. For simultaneous translations, we at Translation India provide various Digitas Simultaneous Interpretation Equipments including Bosch IR Interpretation Equipment on Rent in Pune with their useful transmitters. 

Special and Modernised Features of Our Interpretation Equipment

These interpretation equipment are of great importance in this widely growing economy as well as the interpretation market. The continuous interpreting of the business and corporate texts and documents make them easily understandable to the people of different origins. Translation India is a Delhi based company and the top choice from where you can get modernised Interpretation Equipment in Pune. Let us have a look at their salient features.

  • All Interpretation devices are Well-shielded
  • These equipment are compact & small size in structure
  • Stereo transmitters are suitable for Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Possess good timbre, wide dynamic state & steady carrier frequency
  • Equipped with advanced modulation system and built-in PLL frequency

Get Finest Interpretation Equipments on Rent in Pune

We offer the finest interpretation equipment for rental services in Pune. These interpretation equipment are versatile, no matter wherever you are and at what time you need to operate them, you are going to get tremendous performance. There are no restrictions related to listening to FM based translated and interpreted frequencies. These wideband translation receivers headsets have 40 channels. The listener can simply switch on and use the channel selector button to choose a program according to his choice. Choose our bosch IR Simultaneous interpretation equipment at very affordable and cost-effective prices in Pune.

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