RF Interpretation System in Punjab

RF Interpretation System in Punjab

An RF Interpretation System can enhance the productivity of the meetings significantly. Plan "interpretation-Early" during each stage of an event's planning helps to make better event decisions. Such decision making will result in more productive meetings and satisfied delegates. Thus, you need to acquire and implement the finest RF interpretation system. Translation India is the most trusted and experienced service provider of RF-based Simultaneous Interpretation Systems on Rent in Punjab.

We are a Delhi based company and our high-performance RF Simultaneous Interpretation Systems have been successfully used for conferences with a large number of delegates/conferences organized in an open area. One of such splendid events was Mr Trump’s visit to the opening ceremony of the largest Cricket stadium. RF transmission technology allows us to operate in multiple languages/ channels simultaneously within interference-free frequencies. We are a highly-preferred choice to avail Simultaneous Interpretation Systems in Punjab, because our interpretation system has the capability to transmit up to 40 channels across geographically spread out events. 

Salient Features of our RF Interpretation Systems

  • RF transmission's biggest advantage is its huge coverage area which can be up to 500 meters to a KM. 
  • RF transmission In India needs govt permission to operate. Translation India will undertake the complete process to obtain necessary licenses for each event.
  • Translation India has IN HOUSE CAPACITY TO CATER TO over 25000 delegates and can provide FM Based Multichannel Wireless receivers with Headphones.
  • Cost-effective, easier to set up, and do not require a lot of additional equipment for events with larger coverage areas.
  • DO NOT require a clear line of sight making it AN EFFECTIVE choice for large gatherings - indoor and outdoor.
  • There is no interference from light and physical obstacles in general and hence have been widely used for big size events.
  • FM receivers are comparatively cheaper than other interpretation headsets and easy to handle.
  • FM receivers have multi-channel capability to support multi-language interpretation at the same time.

HOW RF Simultaneous Interpretation System Works 

  1. The Presenter/ host on the STAGE / FLOOR talks into a microphone along with the call floor mic, the floor audio, the floor feed or the audio feed. 
  1. The floor audio is fed to the interpreters through “PA system/ AUDIO Mixer”, who listen through headphones connected to the interpreter console. The Interpreters are housed in ISO standards Interpretation booths which are equipped with BOSCH I DESK (interpreter console with mic) for each interpreter. BOOTH Location can be anywhere in the same hall or venue and or can be set up in a separate room. 
  1. In a conference interpretation setup, a team of two interpreters is assigned to each language pair. E.g English into Spanish is handled by the two-person interpreter team in the Spanish Booth and English into French is performed by the two interpreters in the French booth.
  1. The interpreters provide LIVE REAL-TIME Interpretation and take turns every 20 to 30 mins speaking their interpretation simultaneously into a microphone. The Interpreter consoles ( IDESK) is connected to BOSCH CCU AND EXPANDER to fed into multiple Transmitters ( each TRANSMITTER for Each LANGUAGE Transmission)
  1. The interpretation is broadcast wirelessly to the audience who are provided multi-channel receivers equipped with earphones or headphones. List of channels and languages are marked and communicated to the audience prior to the event starts. For example, Channel 1: English, Channel 2: Hindi, Channel 3: Spanish, Channel 4: French. Delegates and guests tune their receivers to the required channel and accordingly hear their choice of language.

NOTE: along with Audio feed – Live Video feed enables the interpreter to perform more efficiently. Hence arrangement for Video display – monitors/ LCD TV is recommended.

Best RF Interpretation System in Punjab

Interpretation is a critical process and more often than not, the success of the conference depends on the capability and performance of the multilingual communication support system. Hence It is STRONGLY recommended to understand the SCOPE and obtain as much information as possible about the event requirements and the environment where the interpretation equipment will be operated. The more detail we accumulate as an interpretation equipment rental company, we become able to provide the best solution. Testing the equipment on-site with ample time prior to the event start is always a good idea. Such a quality-oriented approach in our services has made us one of the best RF Interpretation system providers in Punjab

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