RF Interpretation Equipment

The RF based system runs on radio frequency and it works on license free signal and also the receiver which we provide for RF system has 40 channel to select the languages.

The RF system provide freedom for participant to move around in venue and still keep listening the translation or speaker while being close to 500 meter from the speaker.

We have facility to provide the equipment for multiple languages for religious conference held in stadium or open area and it cover very large no of gathering.

Translator India provides wireless FM radio sets for simultaneous translation purpose along with its dedicated transmitters. This receiver works fabulously in all areas, no matter where you are – indoor, outdoor or in fields. There are no limitations for listening FM based simultaneous translated frequencies. Limitations are one has to be in the range of transmitters which is roughly 500 meter radius. We have more than 20,000 receivers of this kind.

We mix transmitter with Bosch console to allow interpreter to select the languages from which they comfortable working with, The system works so fine and quality of audio is so good that even that you not feel you are listening direct speech

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