RFID & Barcode Scanners

Translator India is a renowned and well-known name in the industry of events and seminars and one of the preferable choices of the event organizers because of our on-time service and the best quality equipment.

Translator India brings you RFID & Barcode scanners for your events and conferences. Translator India’s RFID and Barcode scanners are ideal for such companies who want the transition from a manual to automated data collection process. It helps you with purchasing asset identification, tracking and the location access control solutions.

The primary areas where you can use this product are:

  • Conferences and Events
  • Health care Organisations
  • Government Bodies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Educational Institutions.
  • Seminars or Gatherings
  • Distribution Companies.

Our product assures you for a cost effective and easy process throughout your event. These RFID & Barcode Scanners offer you maximize efficiencies for any business or an organization which needs quick and accurate asset identification along with the tracking solutions.

We have successfully organized and held many events using our RFID in large part by understanding our Client’s need, their demands, operations and their organizational goals. Our team of the best and highly experienced event managers understand all your needs and then accordingly work for that to give you a design system and process with reduced cost and improved efficiency.

We enjoy working in collaboration with our clients, acting to ensure their well-being. By putting client needs above our own, we deliver high levels of customer support and satisfaction. In short, we either deliver what we promise or go to great lengths to make things right on those rare occasions when we don’t.