Silent Conference Systems

Translator India, a well-known company in providing Simultaneous Interpretation services across the country since last 18 year introduces you a newly trending way of organizing your events or conferences with Silent Conference Systems. We at Translator India understand the need of market and accordingly groom ourselves time to time to provide our clients with the best equipment and all the advanced way of techniques used in the market.

Silent Conference System is the newly intervened technology for conducting your multi lingual events or conference which allows you for carrying multiple sessions at the same time. Translator India assures you for the best quality Silent Conference equipment and services provided for your such events with the help of our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians and event managers.

Silent Conference System

Silent Conference System is the modern way of conducting your multi-lingual events or gatherings where you can have multiple speakers for the same audiences at the same place and same time. It results in a time saving and logistic saving process rather than setting up several different equipments which was somehow a hectic job.


  • Time Saving
  • Multiple speakers at the same time.
  • No need of multiple set up of equipment like speakers, AV.
  • Provide the delegates options to choose and listen to their choice of interest.
  • Lesser equipment required compared to the Simultaneous Interpretation.
  • Money saving (No need to rent multiple equipment)
  • Less setup time required.
  • Comes with the option of running multiple sessions.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Hassle free process.

Where is Silent Conference Required?

  • Corporate training or events.
  • Business gatherings.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation.
  • Training events.
  • Exhibition halls.
  • Seminars
  • Company product launch.
  • Breakout sessions and workshop.

Translator India is entrusted by over more than 1000+ clients for providing successfully simultaneous Interpretation process and other such services to its clients. We believe in providing Quality along with the best price guarantee in the market.