Silent Conference Systems

Silent Conference Systems

Single Room - multiple conferences, multiple speakers, Deliver more content and More Flexibility for delegates – all possible at the same time because of silent conference system

Translation India is one of the leading service providers high-quality Simultaneous Interpretation System, Silent Conference Systems, Silent Conference Equipment as well as multi-channel conference system in India. 

With the unmatched quality and unbeatable rate, we assure you of providing the best quality silent conference system on rent for your clients and their participant's participant.


  • Hosting multiple events at the same time at the same place.- NO NEED to hire ADDITIONAL ROOM
  • No Need to create a soundproof structure for break out session
  • Reduces logistic requirements i.e. AV, Lighting, Furniture, Stage, meeting rooms, IT infrastructure onsite support team, catering, pre-event engagement
  • Ease of use and implementation
  • Deliver more Content - OPTIMISATION and EFFICIENCY of resources
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Events can be held even if there are Noise RESTRICTIONS
  • FOCUSSED AUDIENCE: Noise spills and leakages in traditional multiple hall set up is a BIG ISSUE
  • Options of having NON Traditional Venue for conferences


HOW Silent Conference Equipment WORKS?

Silent Conference Equipment is the solution for the problem of space today as it allows you to hold multiple conferences with multiple speakers and multiple delegates in the same hall with multiple breaks out at the same time

Silent conference system has the following components

  • The presenter has Mike with handheld multi-channel RF-based transmitter
  • The audience has headphones with RF multichannel receivers which are tuned with the transmitter
  • PA system with Audio mixer and cordless / neck mikes ( OPTIONAL) is needed if different media need to be presented on the screen – like videos, audios etc and also for Q & A SESSIONS.
  • Speakers are not switched on – even if they are there!

Silent Conference works just like a normal meeting or conference where in the

  • Presenter is provided with wireless /cordless mic with the Transmitter. 
  • The transmitter is set up to assigned frequency / Channel 
  • Audience is provided with headsets and receivers which can be tuned to the channel/frequency as per the client's area of interest.

In case the PA system is available, the transmitter gets connected to the Audio console and presenter speech is broadcast through the transmitter to the headsets provided to the audience

Q & A Sessions 

The presenter is given a headset and receivers ( similar to those given to the audience). 

During Q and A, like in regular conference – the audience interacts with cordless/wired mikes ( Connected to the audio console), and Presenter can listen using his receiver and headphone AND communicates with his own mike. 

Where it Works –

  • Corporate Events and gatherings
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Product launches
  • Exhibitions halls & Expositions
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Training Sessions
  • Branding
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Factory visit
  • Outdoor cinema 
  • All out door activity

Why Translation India –

Being trusted by thousands of clients for successfully organizing their silent conference events, Translation India understands the needs and necessities of each of the clients and hence work accordingly and specifically to the need of that particular event. Our experts and technicians are always willing to match up to your expectation with the best class service and equipment for your next events.

We have our inventory consisting of transmitters of various technologies, headsets and wireless receivers to cater to 40 breakaway sessions at the same and for over 20000 delegates

We are present across India and are available to provide our services at short notice

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