Silent Disco Headphone

Silent Disco Headphone

Silent Disco is emerging as a new trend among urban youth and silent disco headphones are also gaining tremendous popularity along with it. Youth want compact and stylish looking silent headphones that have quality and reliability. Silent Disco Headphones by Translator India plays have all these features and keeps that fun of disco in its full blossom. Our Incredible Silent Disco Headphones are known for their top-class performance and unbelievable pricing. We also provide Silent Disco Headphones on Rental in India, so that you can’t miss experiencing the finesse of music.

Comfortable and Stylish Silent Party Headphones

Our silent party headphones are smartly designed for creating the ultimate music experience. These silent headphones constitute wireless stereo headphones and small music broadcasters to ensure the mesmerizing music experience. These elements let you enjoy and have all the fun you want in the loud music of Disco without any external interruption. These 3 Channel Silent Disco Headphones are compact yet comfortable enough to make you unforgettable experience the music. You can get these amazing Silent Disco Headphones in India, and experience the magic of music in true sense. You are only limited by your imagination and Silent headphones by Translator India make you feel the real unimaginable thrill of music. Our headphones are perfectly made so that you can enjoy music without disturbing others with loud audio.

Salient Features of Our Silent Disco Headphones

  • Perfect Wireless Headphones For Silent Disco with 865Mhz/867Mhz(Free Band), specific channels optional.
  • Multiple colors are available as options.
  • Double PLL system for ultimate frequency stability.
  • Active noise reduction system for crystal clear sound.
  • Advanced 40mm speaker for outstanding sound performance.
  • Funky flashlights gently pulse on as you pump the tunes up.
  • Transmits audio signals about 300M, through ceilings, walls, and floors.
  • Auto mute and shuts-off after 10 minutes of no signal detection, conserve battery life.
  • Big channel-indicating logo light, you can see the channel difference by logo color.
  • Endless silent disco headphones can be used simultaneously with one transmitter.

Hire silent disco headphones all across India through us and let your party animal out. Call us to know more about renting our incredible silent disco headphones.

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