Silent Disco Headphones

Translator India proudly announces you its new product in the range of quality headphones specially designed for the parties and bigger events happening in the late nights. Silent Disco Headphones, commonly known as the Party Headphones are the new emerging trend in the entertainment world after the new law passed by our government to ban all loud music after 11 in the night.

We at Translator India are entrusted by over more than 1000+ clients for successfully completing their events with Silent Disco and other equipment. We are a team of all hard working and dedicated professionals and with our experienced team of event managers, we assure you for a hassle-free event completion along with the best price guarantee in the market.

What Is a Silent Disco?

Music refreshes our soul and everyone loves to enjoy music in some way. Especially on the weekends, people love to visit Discotheques or organize some weekend parties. But the fun of conventional Disco was about to end after the new implementation of the government law since a discotheque without DJs and rocking music would be kind of boring. But with Silent Disco Headphone, you can continue having all the fun of the same loud music and rocking DJs without breaking any government law and without disturbing others.


This new emerging trend is getting more popular day by day because of its specific and multi-functionality features. These Disco Headphones are available separately as well as along with its transmitter also depending on your needs. Foremost, these headphones are designed specially to provide you with the full blossom while listening to the music and have a good battery backup of more than 10+ hours.

In a nutshell, it is a machine which lets people enjoy the music and dance their own beats which are exhibited through a transmitter to your wireless headphones so as there is no disturbance from the external noises and there is no any kind of noise pollution.

Why Silent disco?

Silent disco Headphones being the emerging trend of the entertainment world also comes up with several advantages for which you’ll love to have it. Some of the advantages are mentioned below.

  • No noise pollution
  • Following the government law, allows you for enjoying loud music even in late night parties.
  • Allows you to have multiple DJs at the same event, same place and same time.
  • Specially designed headphones with beautiful flashing color lights.
  • A superb wireless range of up to 300 meters.
  • You can run multiple headphones with a single transmitter.
  • Advanced 40mm speaker for outstanding sound performance.
  • Crystal clear sound.