Simultaneous Interpretation Systems

Translator India, a leading service provider in the translation and interpretation industry since last 18 years. We are well known for our quality simultaneous interpretation equipment rental service and on time delivery of products to our clients. Interpretation is the need of the hour whether talking about a political meet or some corporate events, you will always need a mastered skill Interpreter and a fine quality Simultaneous Interpretation System.

Translator India believes in the satisfaction of their clients and so we always make sure what we give you is the same as what you expect.

Simultaneous Interpretation System Rental

Simultaneous Interpretation is a process of conversion of speech from the floor language to the targeted audience language. Floor language here refers to the language being spoken by the speaker present there and audience language is the language in which your audience wants to hear the speech whatever is being said.

This process came into existence since World War II and since then it’s demand has been growing enormously. This process includes a highly experienced and skilled Interpreter and the best quality interpretation equipment.

The delegates are provided with a pocket receiver and headphones, and the interpreter sits in a sound-proof simultaneous interpretation booth from where he/she listen to the speaker and simultaneously interpret the speech to the required audience language. The best thing about Simultaneous Interpretation system is that it is a real time process and the speaker need not take any pause or break while speaking.

Why Translator India?

Translator India has a well-experienced team of event managers and technicians along with the best quality Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment and highly skilled and professional interpreters. We have successfully provided over more than 5000+ events with our Simultaneous Interpretation system in government and corporate events and have been entrusted by over more than 1000+ clients.

We provide you the option of both i.e. simultaneous interpretation equipment rental facility as well as we also sell this equipment at the best price compared to the market.

Advantages of Simultaneous Interpretation System

  • Real time process
  • Time Saving
  • Highly flexible
  • Secured and safe
  • You can have multiple audiences at the same event
  • No constraints, neither for speaker nor for listeners
  • Most efficient kind of interpretation
  • No limitations for the number of audiences
  • Interpretation is carried out in multiple languages at the same time and same place.

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