Simultaneous Interpreter

Simultaneous Interpreter

The fine quality of Multilingual conference interpretation depends on two important elements, SI systems (technology) and human interface. While most service providers can manage the systems, TRANSLATION INDIA, India, consistently ensures success by providing professional Interpreters having expertise in Simultaneous Interpretation. We are renowned for offering outstanding Simultaneous Interpreter in India.

Simultaneous interpreting is a mode of interpreting in which the speaker makes a speech and the interpreter translates the speech into a language the audience understands simultaneously in real-time. Being one of the finest professional interpreters in India, our simultaneous interpreters have expertise in usually two or more languages along with the English language. Our interpreters can work in interpretation booths or other formal setups with headphones and interpreter consoles. Generally, simultaneous interpretation processes require at least TWO Simultaneous Interpreters and in some cases (WHO/UN forums), three for each language.

Characteristics of Our Finest Simultaneous Interpreters 

  • Ability to listen, analyze information/message, and Communicate the same in a different language – ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
  • Intellectual capability to grasp and understand the domain, subject, and intent of discussion quickly with clarity.
  • Strong memory, especially, short term memory.
  • Ability to Predict or Anticipate what the speaker might say. This trait is most important when the speaker/ spoken language has a different structure from the interpreted language.
  • Ability to find the relevance and cultural references of the interpreted language. For example, regarding the number system, Indians are comfortable in Crores and lakhs, whereas, western countries deal more in Millions and trillions. 
  • The professional mindset with the ability to remain calm under pressure, and be resilient to stress.
  • Well-read, traveled and exposed to different cultures and people with adequate General Knowledge.

Finest Simultaneous Interpretation Services in India

Translation India has a dedicated, trained, highly experienced, and the best team of Simultaneous Interpreters in India for various Languages. Most of our interpreters have the experience of more than 10 years of translation work and are experts in their corresponding language pair. We have interpreters for the UN-designated Languages, many other popular international languages as well as Indian languages.

Conference organizers and Clients must identify their Interpretation needs well in advance. While equipment can still be sourced from various vendors, availability of Good, Experienced Simultaneous Interpreters on short notice might pose a challenge. As the trusted Simultaneous Interpretation Services providers in India, we suggest that the Interpreters are provided with all relevant data and documents, glossary, Agenda well in advance. These materials help the interpreter to be well-armed to handle the live interpretation and avoid glitches/integrity of the exercise.

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