Portable Sound-Proof Simultaneous Interpretation Booths

Simultaneous Interpretation is a very complex process. It requires the best quality Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment and a highly skilled and professional interpreter. Interpreters carry the most important task of simultaneously listening and interpreting the floor language to the audience language. Since the complete process is a complex one, it requires a peaceful place for the interpreters to sit peacefully and listen to whatever is being said carefully and then interpret it simultaneously.

Translator India also provides SOUND-PROOF SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION BOOTH for the interpreters for conferences and events. Our booths are ISO certified and with an outside standard dimension of 171,4 cm x 203,5 cm x 173,5 cm (L x H x D). These booths are designed and built to create the best acoustic environment for the distinction of various languages being spoken simultaneously at the multilingual events or gatherings.

These sound-proof interpretation booths are easy to install and custom size built with double plexiglass windows, air conditioning, soundproof flooring and interior partition systems.

Technical specifications

Outside standard dimensions: 171.4 cm x 203.5 cm x 173.5 cm (L x H x D)

Acoustic environment: Surpass ISO-4043-1998 international standard

Standard outside color: Dark Grey or Light Grey

Standard inside color: Light gray or dark blue

Assembly: No tools required

Approx. assembly time: 10 minutes (2 persons)

Beyond this, each panel is constructed with special soundproof and the isolated fiberglass panel and the material used is fire retardant UL-723. The interiors are made with decorative textile which is 100% polyester, cotton of 9mm, woven density and weight is 60gr. Per meter. For the ease of assembling and disassembling, the framing is made with PVC extrusion with a unique connecting concept with industrial Velcro so that there is no requirement of tools while assembly.

Our simultaneous interpretation booth has served at many of the most prestigious meeting and conferences throughout the world.

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