Transcription Services

Transcription Services


Translation India’s ability to handle Transcription and document translation as unified solution provider makes us the most convenient and reliable industry partner for transcription services in India.

Translator India is premier services provider for Transcription services - across India and Abroad - deliver speech to text services. This is through mostly digital audio files and also a video to text.

Quality and Delivery of transcription services

Translation India team of Project managers and Transcribers ensure high accuracy rates above 99%, The Experience of the transcribers, ensure high quality even when dealing with poor audio quality, multiple speakers, DIALECT and complex language. 

Skilled transcribers need about one hour per 15 minutes of recorded audio to transcribe a high-quality document. This may be more if the audio quality is poor and or there are different dialects for the same language.

Language Transcription Services :

Many times we the audio clips are received in a particular language and the text needed is in English. Translation India has the unique ability to handle the whole process since we have a robust and reliable DOCUMENT TRANSLATION team. 

Clients find this extremely convenient -as in most cases the transcription service provider doesn’t have in house translation capability – Leading to longer TAT and escalation in cost.

Security and accountability 

Translation India is known for ethical practices and well established process to maintain security of the files 

We have long standing relation with our transcribers and ensure that content confidentiality is maintained.

Translation India is willing to sign Non Disclosure Agreement ( NDA ) with our client as well.

Transcription Services are needed for various activities which includes :

Market Research :

MR companies need to create and access detailed accounts of focus groups and in-depth interviews, onsite visits and end up having Video and audio recordings. But its very difficult to sift through such data and need for transcription services ; that pick up small details, contextually understand ‘meaning’ and accurately distinguish between multiple speakers is very important for the functioning of the industry. 

For Legal Industry

AS is the nature of legal industry – it generates a lot of records through depositions, interviews and investigations . It is critical for in-court evidence and review to generate a large volume of high-quality and transcripts. Numerous invetaigations and recording are in voice format and has to officially recorded in the court in form of text.

For Education and Academics

Present day world students and academicians have access to pre recorded lectures, interviews and also record during live sessions and classes. Translation India transcription services provide high quality and accurate text for the educators community.

Corporate and HR

Corporate meetings for senior management, team meetings, Feedback sessions – are nowadays recorded and maintained for feedback and follow ups .Accurate transcriptions helps to maintain proper records and easy accessibility for future hearings etc.

Transcription Services for Press Release, TV and Film

The television and film  industry need transcription services for both subtitles and closed captioning, along with time-coded post-production scripts.

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