Best Wireless Audience Response System

We at Translator India, are the expert in providing you with the best quality voting Pads for your voting and surveys sessions. Our provided voting pads can be used for several purposes like for your voting & surveys or quiz & test or corporate training or any kind of such events.

Earlier, there was a long and boring process to cast the votes of people and also it took a lot of time. But with our provided Wireless Audience Response system, it’s no longer a bore, voting, and surveys or corporate training will now become more interesting and entertaining.

What is Wireless Audience Response System?

Voting Pads commonly known as Audience Response Systems are the electronic machines which help you for conducting your surveys or any such sessions where it is important to know the views of your delegates or audiences. These devices are easy to use and require a small set up. The advantage of using Voting Pads for your events is that it allows you to get instant results and along with that you can also show the result to your delegates with the help of graphical representation or pie chart.

Audience response system is the advance technology to gather data from audience on any topic. Best audience response system allows a large group of individuals to share their feedback on a particular topic remotely. Audience response system known as other cool names also such as (voting pads, student response system and clicker.)

With the help of wireless audience response system rental you can increase 100% participant’s engagement, attention and content retention in classrooms, conference rooms, meetings, seminars, etc.

Audience response system uses a response device, presenter device, receiver and assessment software. Using response devices audience has to vote for the questions that presenter shows on slides.  All response stores on presenter’s computer for further voting counts – sometimes live results shows on live middle in the session.

Voting pads also let you vote anonymously if you don’t want to reveal yourself. It is proven that voting pads has increased 100% participant attention during the lecture and presentation.

These are the small and compatible devices which can be carried over your pocket also with the option of alphabetical and numerical option on their keypad. The speaker can ask his question which is displayed on an LCD screen and the audiences can cast their votes accordingly by pressing the button on their voting pads.

Features of Wireless Audience Response System

  • Numeric Selection.
  • Multiple Selection.
  • Single Selection.
  • True/False.
  • Rating Scale.
  • Buzz-in
  • Yes or No
  • Elimination

Used In

  • Quiz & Test
  • Surveys
  • Voting Sessions.
  • Corporate training
  • Student Examination
  • Buzz-In
  • Marketing Events

Translator India understands your needs and requirements and thus we provide you with the best quality Voting Pads manufactured by SUNTEC, Hong Kong in the brand name XPRESS. It is simple and easy to operate with its plug and play capability so that allowing you for a completely hassle-free process. We provide the option of both purchasing renting the Audience Response system for your events with the best price guarantee in the industry. Translator India is having more than 5000 pieces of voting pads, Master designed with sleek and user-friendly buttons to press while casting votes.

With the trust and quality of the Translator India and the functions of real time result and automatic graphical report generation, Translator India is the ideal destination for best wireless audience response system rental when organizing survey sessions or any such events.

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