Website and Software Localization Services

For all of us, our native language is the world’s best language! Addressing people in their own native language makes them trust you more. If they get the desired information and details in their own language, they tend to rely on you more than others.

Do you know around 100 million people access the Internet in other languages than English? More than 50% of Web Users converse in their native language other than English? People are more likely to do business from a website (around four times more) that communicates in their own language.

So, what happens, if you wish to crack a deal with a Chinese entrepreneur and do not know a single word of Chinese language? As companies look forward to expand into new markets, to reach a global audience and increase international sales, the benefits of website localization are obvious.

Translation and Localization Services

Translator India comes with its unmatched quality Website translation and localization services to make you able to do business in any part of the globe!

Website Translation or Localization is a complex process that needs varied skills and expertise. It is not just a normal document translation that needs conversion of a text into other language. It needs something more to it.

Website localization or website translation is the process of modifying an existing website to make it easily accessible, usable and culturally suitable to a different set of target audience.

Its success depends on various factors that include:

  • Linguistic and cultural aspects of the language
  • Technical and stylistic needs of the existing market
  • Must adapt to the technology used

Translator India is one of the leading service providers having more than 16 years of unbeatable experience in the domain of language translation services. We have attained mastery in website localization and Software Localization Services. With high-level technical skills and intellectual awareness, we have been offering the best services to our clients.

Localization and Globalization Translation Service

Translator India’s time tested quality control Website Localization Services include following processes:

1) Website Localization Analysis which includes requirements specification, project engineering analysis, client specific process definition, and scheduling to provide you with accurate costs and timelines required to complete the scope of work.

2) Translation of Website Content to ensure that the website is translated in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner. All aspects of the language like vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, style and level of speech are considered to make sure that the language used reflects the target audience’s culture and society.

3) Localizing Layout and Site Navigation as Translation often affects the original layout and may require more or less room (right to left, top to bottom) depending on the target country and which are the pages that should be available etc. are the important considerations when localizing the website

4) Adapting Pictures to the Target Audience Images should be culturally viable and also need to be reviewed carefully and perhaps to be adjusted to positively reflect upon your company and messaging.

5) Localizing Symbols as it can cause problems in localization. Western symbols may look different to an international audience. Symbols like fingers, houses, and animals often need to be modified when marketing abroad. Regular and obvious items like time and date display, measurement units, currency, numbering systems, and fonts are identified and formatted correctly as part of the localization process.

6) Adapting Colours to Cultures, although it is not as critical, it can also have cultural meanings that must be analyzed in a website localization. Appropriate color choices can improve user acceptance and avoid hidden meanings or messages. Like, in Korea pink color represents a symbol of trust, in China yellow represents nourishing effect and in India red represents a sign of purity. Color choices may not always have disastrous consequences, but avoiding subtle unwanted meanings is always advisable.

7) Localisation Engineering Translator India uses the latest technology to provide website localization solutions. We have the capability to work in-house with just about any technology in use on the web. Our localization engineering team is well-versed with a variety of web based applications and formats including .asp, .html, .dhtm, .php etc.. All file types are carefully analysed, prepared for translation, and engineered with the best possible consideration for time and quality.

A few of the commonly used applications and tools used for website localization are listed here:

  • Dreamweaver
  • Fireworks
  • Flash
  • FreeHand
  • GoLive
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Interleaf
  • COM
  • CSS

We can also advise you on the best practices and the benefits of techniques to streamline the localization process, maintaining consistent output and reduce costs for reaching a global marketplace.

When you need an experienced website localization company that has worked with both large and small active international companies, Translator India is the best choice.

Our services include:

  • Planning and consultation of website based on structural requirements to ensure that your website is easy to navigate through different languages, pages and multilingual links.
  • Cultural consultation and adaptation of images, icons and designs to meet the standards of your target audience and potential markets.
  • Internationalizing your website by Unicode enablement, separation of code and content, scalable design etc.
  • Translation of existing databases.

We offer proper, 100% error free quality translations of websites that speak for you in your website visitors’ language.

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