What are Silent party headphones? How they are helpful in present scenarios

What are Silent party headphones? How they are helpful in present scenarios

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  • Wed Apr 01, 2020
What are Silent party headphones? How they are helpful in present scenarios

Want to party hard with the loud music? Is it your friends get-together or farewell? A bachelors or a family get together? According to the government’s new rule, loud music is totally banned post 11 pm. So how to conduct a happening part? What’s the solution?

Answer to this is Silent party headphones!

Let’s discuss this term in brief! 

A silent disco headphone is a new trend with modern technique where people dance and shake a leg to their favourite music tunes which they listen to on wireless headphones. Not making use of the speaker systems or loud and noisy djs and disturbing the people around, music is broadcasted via a radio transmitter with the signal being captured by wireless headphone receivers worn by the people individually. It is the brand new fashion in the entertainment industry introduced after the government rules to ban all loud music equipment late in the night.But with the help of these newly launched Silent disco Headphones people have found a long cherished solution. We provide silent disco headphone rental services in Delhi.

Best way to go gala

In order to let your enjoyment remain and to continue with your nightlife fun without being bound or by facing any hindrance because of any government restrictions, we at Translation India have brought forth our model of silent disco headphones. It consists of 2 parts i.e. a wireless headphone and a small sound broadcaster. Silent disco party headphones make you enjoy and have all the fun you want with the loud music wherever and whenever you wish to have, irrespective of the time. These silent Disco headphones allow you to carry on with your fun without interrupting or breaking the government rules. Translation India understands the need of the present hour and thus accordingly presents you with its new product Silent Party Headphones, which are highly comfortable. Hire silent party headphones in Delhi.

These headphones are electronic wonders to cater to all your musical passions. Our Silent Disco Headphones are ISO certified and totally approved. These come with the sound reduction system and also have active noise enhancers. We provide a unit of the music transmission system that is based on UHF frequency through which the music played on large woofers is transmitted with its complete tone and frequency, thereby the headphones start receiving it on stereo speakers. Rent silent disco headsets in Delhi, India.

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